If you need a LOMO EKRAN ckbk lens with PL or BNCR adapter

If you need a lens with PL or BNCR adapter.
   I can offer the following variant.
1. You will find this on eBay.
2. Before to buy, you will give me a link to it.
3. I'll send you the cost of manufacturing, installing and adjusting PL adapter.
4. If the cost of construction PL will be good for you, you'll buy it, and pay for shipping from Russia or Ukraine directly in to St. Petersburg Russia.
   ( Some or all Russian or Ukrainian ebay sellers send the lens to be installed in PL adapter in to St. Petersburg Russia.  This work can be done only a   few technicians)
5. When I will get a lens I will make the photo and send it to you then you pay for production and delivery to the buyer.
   In this case, you can save on delivery to the buyer first, then in Russia
   It's quite convenient option, and several times was implemented.
I see quite a lot of proposals for the sale of different lenses with OCT 19 or OCT 18 adapters on eBay.
That were made at LOMO, EKRAN, skbl factories in the former USSR
Customers often ask me these lenses with PL adapter. But I have ready only sometimes. So I have decided to make this page.