Konvas 2M - 35mm Russian camera, lenses and additional implements

Konvas 2M - 35mm movie camera + lenses. This camera was made at famous EKRAN factory in USSR \ Russia. Design includes a rotating mirror shutter and LOMO advanced removable 360 degrees rotatable viewfinder with dioptric adjustment -5 to +5 dioptries. It has two positions (for transport and for work). Movie camera "Konvas" is intended for shooting from hands or from tripod. Technical information: Film frame: 16 x 22 mm. Film: 35 mm. Film cassettes: Metal, quck change, daylight load film cassettes for 200 ft (60 m) and 400 ft ( 120 m ) film. Obturator: reflex, one-bladed, disk-shaped with constant 150 degree angle. Viewfinder: Reflex, 5x , wih correction +/- 5D. Battery: 12V. Ambient temperature: from -30C up to +40C.

Konvas 1 KCP- 2M can work with 15EPSS and Crystal sync motor 17EP-16APK. Can work with motors of new generation.
On the foto - crystal sync motor 17EP-16APK.

Usually included three 200ft mags(60m) and two 400ft mags (120m).

Usually included LOMO OKC1-18-1, OKC3-22-1, OKC7-28-1, OKC11-35-1, OKC1-50-1, OKC6-75-1 (35mm).
This lenses OKC can be converted in PL, but in  Russia.