PL adapter for ANGENEUX Zoom 25-250 and adapter from OPF7

The order was made from Germany.

I had three lenses converting to PL-mount in your workshop. You remember? 
Now I have a question - I have a LOMO anamorphot and a ANGENEUX Zoom 25-250.
They say it would fit the LOMO backlens and the ANGENEUX - but I dont get any fokus...?
Can you help and combine this parts to a good working anamorphic Zoomlens?
The lens has ARRI-Standard mount and a PL-Adapter. The big question
is where to find the right position for the LOMO backlens???
+Let me know if  you have any serius idea,
+and how much he would carge me for this rebuild.
+Another question is - if I can use lens also again without the
LOMO, just as the spherical, normal 35mm Standard-zoom lens?
We previously have agreed upon cost, period of fabrication, installation and conducting of operations on adjustments.
Also have received: 
ANGENEUX Zoom 25-250 and anamorphic adapter for ZOOM lens 35OPF7-1 F = 25 - 500 mm:

This problem was solved in full screen.