PL or BNCR adapter for LOMO 16 mm OKC lenses Kinor 16 CX 2 and 3M

PL adapter for LOMO ZOOM16 OPF12-1 (10-100mm), OKC5-18-1, OKC3-22-1, OKC7-28-1, OKC11-35-1, OKC1-50-1, OKC6-75-1, OKC2-100-2, OKC1-150-1 (16mm), for Kinor 16 CX-2m and 3M. For all lenses OKC 16 mm, it is possible to receive the adapter, and to install it on a lens independently. This lenses with PL adapter can be used for Arriflex III (16mm camera) AND many others movie cameras .
 Material of the PL adapter - stainless steel. Will come with 3 screws for fixing on a lens.